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THE software solution for the reconstruction of traffic accidents.

For over three decades, AnalyzerPro has evolved alongside the inception of computer-aided accident reconstruction. This continuous evolution ensures that AnalyzerPro remains at the cutting edge of technology, aligning seamlessly with the high standards of modern accident reconstruction practices. Rigorously tested and distinguished by its finely-tuned physical control parameters, AnalyzerPro stands as a reliable choice for professionals in the traffic accident analysis domain.

Who uses AnalyzerPro?

AnalyzerPro stands as THE solution for traffic accident analysis professionals in their day-to-day tasks. Renowned for its unmatched quality, AnalyzerPro has garnered the trust of both private and judicial experts. This extends to governmental bodies, including law enforcement agencies and prominent insurance firms spanning across Europe. Annual improvements and continuous feature expansions underscore the close collaboration with our users.

Our strengths

AnalyzerPro stands as a versatile software, spanning the entire spectrum of accident analysis. We bring an expert focus to the realms of distance-time relationships (kinematics) and the emerging significance of data analysis.

AnalyzerPro is available in: German, English, Italian, French, Russian, Slovenian, Croatian, Czech, Hungarian, Spanish, Bulgarian and Greek.

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