Create Sketches

AnalyzerPro povides you with an expansive toolkit for creating accident sketches, characterized by high precision and true-to-scale accuracy. From simple line objects to intricate traffic signs and streets, AnalyzerPro is richly equipped to cater to the exacting demands of modern accident reconstruction.

Precision takes center stage as AnalyzerPro ensures line objects are scaled accurately to meet user expectations. The inclusion of curved rulers, the integrated rectangle method, and its triangular equivalent further streamline the creation of even the most complex sketches.

Incorporating an array of drawing tools, AnalyzerPro facilitates the sketching of streets, intersections, and roundabouts. What’s more, the software boasts a traffic sign database, seamlessly integratable into 3D and 2D reports. Investigating vehicle placements and final positions is equally straightforward and swift.

Leveraging AnalyzerPro’s robust image processing capabilities, experts can enhance images, potentially uncovering previously overlooked accident clues. Crucially, genuine images remain unaltered, preserving them as unadulterated evidence.