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The software solution for road traffic accident reconstruction.

Since the inception of computer-assisted accident reconstruction 30 years ago, AnalyzerPro has been consistently evolving. This ensures that the software stays at the forefront of technology, meeting the high demands of modern accident reconstruction. AnalyzerPro has proven its worth in numerous tests and stands out for its precise physical control parameters.

Who uses AnalyzerPro?

AnalyzerPro is THE tool for experts in their daily work. Private and court-appointed experts, police organizations, and major insurance companies throughout Europe rely on the quality of AnalyzerPro. Annual improvements and continuous feature expansions highlight the close collaboration with our users.


Our strengths

AnalyzerPro is a software that covers all facets of accident analysis. Particularly noteworthy is our focus on space-time relationships (kinematics) as well as the emerging field of data analysis.

AnalyzerPro is available in: German, English, Italian, French, Russian, Slovenian, Croatian, Czech, Hungarian, Spanish, Bulgarian, Greek, and Serbian.

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