AnalyzerSmart – YOUR app for Apple and Android

With AnalyzerSmart , we offer YOU the solution for mobile accident calculations when your laptop is temporarily unavailable. This app includes five modules from AnalyzerPro, encompassing a wide range of driving scenarios.
AnalyzerSmart meets all requirements for fast and efficient work with your smartphone. It not only enables calculations but also provides the capability to save them. A comprehensive user manual for the app's operation is also integrated.

Path-time sequence calculator:

The Time-Distance Sequence Calculator allows you to link five different phases of a driving sequence: braking, coasting, reacting, constant speed, delta-v, and accelerating. The calculation can be done simultaneously for two vehicles.

Start-brake module:

This module calculates a driving sequence where acceleration, constant speed, and eventual braking occur. It provides not only the achieved speed at the end of the reaction phase but also the spatial and temporal hazard recognition point. The calculation can be performed simultaneously for two vehicles.

React-brake module:

This module combines the three motion phases – reaction phase, deceleration phase, and braking phase – into a whole. In addition to the regular parameters, it calculates the overrun distance as well as the braking deceleration or the initial speed required for a complete stop. The calculation can be done simultaneously for two vehicles.

Overtaking module:

This module allows you to calculate the course of an overtaking maneuver. Graphics illustrate the various input and output parameters. You can specify different driving procedures for the overtaking vehicle. Length and duration of the overtaking process, as well as the total required space, are provided. Additionally, potential oncoming traffic can be taken into account to calculate the necessary space requirements before and after changing lanes.

Curve velocity module:

This module is used to calculate cornering radii and other parameters relevant to curves, such as the critical speed, lean angle of a single-track vehicle, and perceptible lateral acceleration. Additionally, lateral acceleration can be derived from radius and speed, or speed can be calculated from lateral acceleration.

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