Kinetics & Driving dynamics

AnalyzerPro’s kinetics and driving dynamics modules form the cornerstone of assessing accidents where forces are pivotal. From diverse collision analyses to driving processes influenced by dynamic forces and passenger stress computations, these modules cater to a wide spectrum of scenarios.

Collision analysis within AnalyzerPro offers versatility through various methodologies. The tracking analysis aids in comprehending vehicle coasting movements, followed by the momentum-backwards method to ascertain pre-collision velocities.

In cases where accident traces prove inadequate for precise analysis, the momentum-forward method steps in. AnalyzerPro’s user-friendliness shines here, with immediate calculation result display aiding users in approximating input parameters effortlessly.

Special scenarios, like collisions against walls, necessitate specialized methods, where AnalyzerPro shines as a reliable and precise partner in accident reconstruction.

For serial collisions, a globally unique module not only provides driving parameter data but also assesses passenger stress for cervical spine examinations.

The AnalyzerPro team prioritizes transparency and integrity, showcasing interim results in an easily comprehensible manner.

The driving dynamics module examines an array of factors including ground conditions, driving behavior, vehicle-specific data, and environmental influences.

An exceptional feature of AnalyzerPro is the export of kinetic calculations into the kinematics module, saving valuable time. After a successful collision analysis, the pre-collision phase can be calculated using the less time-intensive kinematics module.