Why AnalyzerPro?

In the world, there are many accident analysis programs. How can one know which is the right one for their specific needs? We asked our users why they prefer to use AnalyzerPro on a daily basis:

Technical aspects

  • “The absolute best thing about the Analyzer is that with just a few steps you can depict (claimed or, in my case, reconstructed in my head) movement sequences.”
  • “The modules, the main reason why I like to use the programme, make the work very easy. For distance-time considerations, I don’t know of any programme that would be better.”
  • “For motion-analytical considerations, unsurpassed in overview and handling.”
  • “The simplicity of the first calculation is what always inspires me. You quickly get an impression of how an accident happened. After that, you can deepen the process and vary it just as easily. For example, I love to deal with lawyers’ claims in negotiations. With Analyzer, it’s no problem to modify my calculations quickly.”

Personal aspects

  • “Short line to the developers: Ideas can be contributed and are actually accepted and implemented.”
  • “An open ear for problems, errors are almost always corrected promptly.”
  • “Young and dynamic team of developers who have a long-term perspective in mind.”
  • “First-class training courses supported by the free online videos.”
  • “You get extra strong support when starting or switching – I managed to do this in a very short time and it really paid off.”
  • “I am simply the most efficient in my daily work with AnalyzerPro.”
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