The Analyzer Team

The Inventor

Dr. Werner Gratzer

Dr. Werner Gratzer began his career as an expert in the 1980s. He quickly discovered that many accidents followed similar patterns, which required the regular use of a circle of formulas. A programmable calculator was purchased and the most important formulas were stored. This was the birth of AnalyzerPro. Gradually, the collection of formulas grew and eventually became the modern software that users know. Since Werner Gratzer always programmed primarily for self-application, the high usability of AnalyzerPro is also explained. Through his research and development activities, Werner Gratzer became one of the leading researchers in the field of modern accident reconstruction. He has published numerous papers on various topics of accident reconstruction in books and at conferences.

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The Machiner

Matthias Schmidt

Matthias Schmidt met Werner Gratzer at the beginning of his physics studies at the technical University Vienna. His interest in the development work of AnalyzerPro was quickly aroused, which led to the development of an employment contract with Werner Gratzer. Gradually Matthias Schmidt got to know and appreciate both accident reconstruction and development work. When Werner Gratzer retired in 2016, Matthias Schmidt took over the management of the company. Since then he has been working in the field of research, development and training.

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The Expert

Dipl. Ing. Peter Reif

Peter Reif, who also runs a driving school, decided to pursue a career as an expert after completing his studies. His professional activities soon brought him together with Werner Gratzer, which resulted in close cooperation. The step to AnalyzerPro was therefore a logical step and Peter Reif began to participate in the design of AnalyzerPro seminars. Today, Peter Reif is responsible for the training and education of experts working with AnalyzerPro. Furthermore, he incorporates his experience from his daily work as an expert in an advisory capacity into the development of the software.

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The Tinker

Florian Pirkner

Florian Pirkner got to know Matthias Schmidt by studying physics together. As the AnalyzerPro project grew, it quickly became clear that the team needed to be expanded to cope with the growing workload. Florian Pirkner brings his unbelievable bite to the team when dealing with complex problems in combination with his interest in computer science and physics and is therefore the ideal complement, especially in the field of programming.

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