Creating accident sketches with AnalyzerPro

AnalyzerPro provides you with a broad tool set to produce sketches with high precision and true to scale. Be it simple line objects, traffic signs, streets or the need for complex image processing – AnalyzerPro is equipped with various features to satisfy the high demands of modern accident reconstruction.

In order to fulfill the users’ high expectations terms of precision, line objects are characterized by accurate input sizes true to scale. Various measurement tools like curved rulers, the implemented rectangle method as well as its triangular equivalent make the creation of most complex sketches successful.

Next to an extensive set of drawing tools to sketch streets, intersections and roundabouts, AnalyzerPro includes a database for traffic signs, which experts can include in their 3D and 2D report with just a few clicks. Placing samples and final positions of vehicles can be investigated with similar levels of simplicity and speed.

AnalyzerPro’s powerful tools for image processing enables experts to edit pictures and possibly detect previously undiscovered traces of the accident. Particularly important is the fact that real images are not amended, but preserved as pieces of evidence in their original condition.