Kinetics & Driving dynamics

The modules of kinetics and driving dynamics are used for all accidents in which forces have to be taken into consideration. Various collision analyses, driving processes subject to driving dynamics as well as calculations concerning passenger stress are some examples.

The collision analysis in AnalyzerPro can be performed in diverse ways. The tracking analysis helps to comprehend the coasting movement of the vehicle; subsequently, the momentum-backwards method determines the pre-collision velocity.

The momentum-forward method is at your disposal if the traces of the accident are not sufficient for a proper analysis. In this case, AnalyzerPro proves to be especially user-friendly, as the immediate display of calculation results allows user to easily approximate the input parameters.
The impact against a wall constitutes a special case, as the pre-collision and coasting momentum of the wall cannot be determined; with its specialized methods, AnalyzerPro again presents itself as reliable and precise partner in accident reconstruction.

Serial collisions are calculated with a globally unique module that does not only provide data on driving parameters, but also on passenger stress for examinations of the cervical spine.
The team of AnalyzerPro puts great emphasis on integrity and transparency; as a result, interim results are presented in a comprehensible way.

The driving dynamics module is characterized by a wide range of factors that can be examined. Ground conditions, driving behavior, vehicle-specific data and environmental information are among these factors.

A special feature of AnalyzerPro is the export of kinetic calculations into the kinematics module. The time-saving potential of this procedure is considerable: After having successfully conducted a collision analysis, you can calculate the pre-collision phase in the less time-intensive kinematics module.