Kinematics represent the core and foundation of every reliable accident reconstruction. It comprises all pre-collision data on which the legal assessment of the accident situation is often based. No matter if it is a severe collision with several vehicles or a simple accident on a parking lot – kinematics always plays a vital role.

Up to 16 vehicles can be calculated in parallel in AnalyzerPro. Hence, you can combine various variants leading to the accident in only one report and clearly show the differences.

The main data mask contains all relevant data and allows you to directly calculate juxtaposed phases. A typical example would be the phase sequence Brake – Buildup – React.

Many accidents are based on recurring patterns like turning in with subsequent rear-end collision, overtaking manoeuvers or violations of priority rulings. AnalyzerPro is equipped with several modules with which you can calculate these standard situations with a few clicks only. New data types like from data recorders can also be imported to AnalyzerPro.

An extensive approach to accident reconstruction requires experts to make observations on the potential avoidance of accidents. AnalyzerPro users profit from the automated calculation possibilities for a wide range of avoidance scenarios.

All calculations are automatically depicted in 2D and can be always shown in the Movie. A coordinate display provides information on the movement parameters at any point in time.

Diagrams are produced without additional effort: A few mouse clicks are sufficient to simultaneously depict diagrams, 2D and 3D depictions in AnalyzerPro.

Additional calculation tools like a computer for casting distances, the possibility to depict synchronized traffic lights and modules to consider differing visibility conditions complement the composition of reports in AnalyzerPro.