Kinematics is the foundation of dependable accident reconstruction, encompassing all pre-collision data that often underpin the legal assessment of accident situations. Whether a complex collision involving multiple vehicles or a simple parking lot incident, kinematics consistently assumes a pivotal role.

AnalyzerPro’s capabilities allow the parallel calculation of up to 16 vehicles, facilitating the merging of various accident scenarios into a single report, effectively highlighting differences.

Within the primary data interface, all relevant data resides, enabling direct calculations of juxtaposed phases. For instance, the Brake – Buildup – React sequence exemplifies such phases.

Common accident patterns, like turning followed by rear-end collisions or priority violations, find solutions in AnalyzerPro’s modules. These modules streamline the calculation of standard scenarios with just a few clicks. Moreover, new data types, including those from data recorders, can be imported.

A comprehensive accident reconstruction approach mandates considering accident avoidance. AnalyzerPro automates calculations for a range of avoidance scenarios, benefiting users with efficiency.

All calculations are auto-generated in 2D and seamlessly integrated into the Movie feature. A coordinate display details movement parameters at any instant.

Generating diagrams requires minimal effort – a few clicks yield simultaneous depictions of diagrams, 2D, and 3D representations in AnalyzerPro.

Additionally, calculation tools, such as distance casting and synchronized traffic light depictions, along with modules for diverse visibility conditions, enhance the comprehensive report composition capabilities of AnalyzerPro.