Example for an accident analysis with AnalyzerPro

1. First intake and securing of evidence

This situation shows a collision of a motorcyclist and a vehicle turning in. As a first step, the emergency personnel has to secure and preserve evidence. A correct and diligent documentation is of utmost importance in this situation.

2. Production of sketches with AnalyzerPro

Experts either insert and edit satellite images for their sketches or use the diverse set of tools of AnalyzerPro to draw streets, traffic signs or traffic lights.

3. Insertion of vehicle data

Comprehensive vehicle data is needed to calculate an accident correctly. Information can either be entered manually or be retrieved from our integrated database which currently encompasses about 6000 vehicles and is constantly expanded.

4. Collision analysis

For severe accidents with collision, a collision analysis is indicated. The method used in AnalyzerPro is validated by extensive assessments and several crash tests. The software also investigates the physical plausibility of calculations and warns the user if mechanical limits are reached.

5. Analysis of pre-collision

After the collision velocity is determined, the pre-collision calculations provide information on possible violations of traffic regulations. The accident expert uses implemented modules to conduct a kinematic computation of driving processes.

6. Presentation in 2D and 3D

The 2D and 3D movie options are a fast and easy way to present the findings of the completed report. To further illustrate the accident situation, the expert can show the simulation from the drivers’ points of view. The calculations are simply copied in text documents for the written report. With a few clicks only, diagrams are created to support the report results.