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The surge in motorization serves as a cornerstone of a country‘s economy, fostering innovation and societal unity. Regrettably, this progression bears a flip side: instances of road accidents stemming from driver negligence, mechanical malfunctions, or road management issues result in financial repercussions and, at the gravest extent, human casualties. Given these implications, a robust scientific approach to accident reconstruction becomes paramount. Enter AnalyzerPro — the quintessential solution for 21st-century accident reconstruction.


Creating diagrams with a single click
Precise phasing of the driving sequence
Fine-tuning calculations for maximum accuracy
Effortless tools for synchronizing driving sequences

Kinetics - Collision analysis:

Comprehensive set of input parameters, e.g., coefficients of friction, elasticity, driving behavior (braking, accelerating, steering, etc.)
Vehicle-specific parameters and defects
Seamless export to kinematics for pre-collision calculations
Comprehensive control parameters for optimal traceability

3D Visualization:

Diverse display options
Perspective from the viewpoint of involved parties
Accurate lighting settings with sun position calculation
Seamless integration of Agisoft Files

Data Analysis:

Detection of moving objects in videos and automatic determination of their velocities
Import and processing of Bosch CDR data
Analysis of data from digital tachographs
Analysis of data from sports and bicycle computers in FIT and GPX formats