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The increasing motorisation of society is the driving force behind a country’s economy, innovation and cohesion. Unfortunately, this development also has its negative side: road accidents due to driver misconduct, technical defects or problems in road management lead to financial damage and, in the worst-case scenario, can also demand human lives. This makes it all the more important to have a sound reconstruction of the accident process based on scientific knowledge. AnalyzerPro is the solution for modern accident reconstruction in the 21st century.


Depiction of diagrams with only one click
Driving process is divided into phases
Fine-tuning of calculations with incrementing
Simple tools to synchronise driving processes

Kinetics - Collision analysis:

Comprehensive set of input parameters, f.e. coefficients of friction, elasticity, driving behavior (braking, accelerating, steering,…)
Vehicle-specific parameters, defects, and much more
Direct export to kinematics for pre-collision calculations
High transparency due to a broad range of control parameters

3D Depiction:

Various display options
Possibility to take the perspective of a party involved
Light settings including a sun position calculator
Import of Agisoft data

Module Serial collision:

Serial collision for up to 8 collision parties
Calculation of EES values from deformation and structural stiffness
Calculation of passenger stress to evaluate cervical traumata

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