3D Depiction with Analyzer Pro

In the realm of accident analysis, the 3D depiction of accidents has gained traction, serving as a powerful tool for experts to present complex accident scenarios with clarity in court.

With a single click, AnalyzerPro seamlessly generates a 3-dimensional representation of the analyzed accident. This feature not only simplifies the visualization of elements like houses, bushes, and banks but also emerges as a standout feature in working with AnalyzerPro.

The software boasts a module that calculates the precise position of the sun based on time and location, offering a practical means to assess glare from sunlight – a crucial factor in accident investigations.

AnalyzerPro’s capabilities extend further by facilitating the import of laser scanner data, enabling 3D illustrations of landscapes and terrains, with vehicles seamlessly integrating with the terrain’s contours.

Additionally, AnalyzerPro caters to the perspective of involved parties, enabling the observation of reconstructed scenarios from their viewpoint. This feature proves invaluable in understanding and communicating the dynamics of accidents.

Currently, more and more 3D photogrammetry solutions are becoming established, such as Agisoft, for example. The data generated with these solutions can be directly imported into AnalyzerPro.