3D depiction with Analyzer Pro

The 3D depiction of accidents is increasingly popular among experts, as it allows them to explain even complex accident situations in an easily comprehensible way in court.

Just one click, and AnalyzerPro creates a 3-dimensional depiction of the calculated accident. The easy and fast way to show houses, bushes or banks definitely constitutes a highlight of the work with AnalyzerPro.

Moreover, the software comprises a module that routinely determines the time- and location-dependent position of the sun – a precise and practical tool to investigate the influence of glare from sunlight.

With AnalyzerPro, you can easily import data recorded with laser scanners, illustrate them in 3D and as terrains. Vehicles automatically factor in the landscape’s surface!
In many cases, it is necessary to show the accident situation from the perspective of an involved person. In AnalyzerPro, you can observe the reconstructed scenario from the point of any party involved and also simulate where the parties have directed their views.

New products for picture rendering like Agisoft are quickly taking root in the market. Their data can be directly imported in AnalyzerPro