AnalyzerSmart – YOUR app for Apple and Android

AnalyzerSmart is YOUR solution for mobile accident-computing if your notebook is not within your grasp. The app contains five modules of AnalyzerPro, covering a vast variety of driving procedures.
AnalyzerSmart meets all needs for fast and efficient performance on the go, starting from the possibility to save your calculations with your smartphone or tablet up to a highly detailed manual of the app.

Path-time sequence calculator:

5 different phases can be linked to one driving sequence.
The phases: braking, build up, reacting/responding, constant velocity, delta v and acceleration are available. The calculation can be performed for two vehicles simultaneously.

Start-brake module:

Offers the calculation of a driving sequence starting with acceleration, followed by a drive with constant speed and finishing with braking. The velocity at the end of the reaction phase as well as the spatial and chronological hazard recognition point are calculated and displayed. The calculation can be performed for two vehicles simultaneously.

React-brake module:

Integrates the three movement sequences of “react – build up – brake” in one section. In addition to the regular parameters, the missing distance as well as the deceleration respectively initial velocity needed for standstill are calculated to investigate spatial avoidance. The calculation can be performed for two vehicles simultaneously.

Overtaking module:

Calculates the sequences of overtaking. Integrated graphics clearly illustrate the influence of various in- and output parameters. For the overtaking vehicle different driving sequences can be simulated. Length and duration of the change of the lane, as well as the total required space are calculated. Additionally a potential oncoming traffic can be added to the simulations to calculate the required space at the beginning and after the change of the lane.

Curve velocity module:

Calculates curve radii as well as other curve relevant parameters like threshold velocity, inclination angle of a single lane vehicle and felt lateral acceleration. You can calculate the lateral acceleration from the radius and velocity or, vice versa, the velocity from the lateral acceleration.

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