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Elevate Your Traffic Accident Analysis with AnalyzerPro

Trusted by private experts and police forces in over 30 countries.
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Comprehensive Accident Analysis

AnalyzerPro offers thorough accident analysis, with a focus on kinematics, kinetics and data analysis.

Courtroom Clarity

AnalyzerPro and its reports are designed to be clear and easily comprehensible in court. They include precise physical control parameters for clarity and ease of understanding of the results.

Flexible Data Handling

AnalyzerPro support a wide range of data formats for seamless import and analysis, including Bosch CDR, laser scan data and many more. Our platform simplifies the process, ensuring efficiency and accuracy.

Visualize with Precision

AnalyzerPro enables 2D and 3D graphical case representation. With a single click, create immersive 3D images for unparalleled insight into accident dynamics.